No one is invisible

It has never been about the dress but about the person…

I want to reach beyond those “memorable moments” where a dress is worn. There is a great need to stand with young people and remind them of their possibilities. Dreams manifest themselves when people understand their unique talents and gifts, realize they were created to make a difference, and move through life with honor, dignity, and love. The objective of Caitlin’s Closet® is to provide resources, create opportunities, and develop skills for people of all ages, beginning with teens. The hope of Caitlin’s Closet® is to give them new eyes to see their true strength and Write Their Own Story.

I started Caitlin’s Closet®, as a teenager, with the idea that teens could help other teens. We challenged teenage girls to give what they had to give: dresses! On the road to collecting our first 10,000 dresses, we picked up a few other things. Wedding dresses, business attire, and even men’s suits turned up in Caitlin’s Closet®.  We are growing reaching, and moving beyond the dress.

Expanding to wedding dresses and business attire for both women and men is just the beginning. We can do more! We hope to challenge women everywhere to do two things: 1) ask “What do I have to give?” and then 2) Give it!

As an organization, we are doing the same thing! We will stick to the core of who we are—collecting and giving away fabulous dresses—all while adding success dressing for both guys and gals.  Along the way we will give “ourself” away. What does Caitlin’s Closet® have to give? We have a network of relationships with individuals, organizations, and businesses who are passionate about the possibilities of young people. Throughout the year, we will use this network to help promote other organizations and causes–ones with whom we share the common goal of empowering.

Caitlin’s Closet® believes in the goals and mission of Dress For Success. Women seeking to overcome the odds and walk through challenging circumstances need us to help support and believe in new starts and bright futures. Please consider donating your gently used suits, blouses, shoes & purses to this extraordinary organization. Learn more about this great organization: Dress for Success

We also challenge you to find other ways to give what you have to give! One idea, one action, can inspire many!

Always remember the I AM Challenge………………I AM NOT INVISIBLE…I AM SMART….I AM STRONG!