You have to be in it to win it!

photo-smPerhaps you, your school or club is looking for a service project. Consider holding a Clothing or Dress Drive to create inventory for Caitlin’s Closet®.  Often formal dresses are worn once and then relegated to the back of the closet, never to be enjoyed again.  Throw open those closet doors and allow your clothes to have a second chance to shine!  The gown and clothes that made you feel on top of the world can work the same magic for another, less privileged teen.

Organizing a clothing drive is easy and fun!  Contact your friends, schoolmates, neighbors, even recent graduates from your school who may have well-loved, but lightly used dresses and clothes hiding away. Once all the clothes have been collected, contact Caitlin Brunell to coordinate shipping arrangements or arrange an organization to receive your dresses and suits in your area.

We are looking for state directors! If you are interested in becoming a state director for Caitlin’s Closet® please contact us to receive an application. Thank you!